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(actual patients)

Success doesn’t just happen by accident. We have to plan, engineer and have the confidence to execute, especially for the more complex cases. This is one of several before/after wax renderings we have made for our patients. 

Life is so much fun when everything goes as planned. A thorough case analysis allowed for a very predictable result!

Our patient presented with ill-fitting dentures, combined with a bite that clearly didn’t belong to her. After utilizing the proper “checkpoints” and due diligence throughout the rehabilitation process, the final result speaks for itself. This was definitely one of the more dramatic before and afters.

This is the before/after of a tooth restored with an implant crown. Perfection in cosmetic dentistry is about being able to seamlessly blend in a tooth without it being noticeable. Implant placement, tissue management, technique, and material selection all play a factor! p.s. The patient requested the new tooth be “slightly” straighter than the contralateral one, which I think we accomplished!



Maximum results with minimal treatment. Outdated or early generation fillings tend to discolor over time. Newer composites will instantly blend in with most tooth shades and be more resistant to discoloring.



Sporting accidents are no fun. Fortunately, new crowns not only restored this patient’s smile, but we were also able make the two front teeth even straighter than before. Per the patient, the two front teeth turned out better than new!



Easy way to save $5,000 and skip braces by having the right type of cosmetic bonding done.



Patient 1 Before / After

Our patient presented with upper incisors that were elongated with too much spacing. Proper planning, execution, and a top-tier team were what made this possible. Everyone is ecstatic with the smile makeover.



Patient 1 Before / After

Direct bonding allowed us to restore a broken incisor with near perfect shade matching and characterization.



Patient 1 Before / After

This case was completed in only 6 months using clear braces to address some uneven spacing!



Patient 1 Before / After

This patient presented to us with a severely discolored central incisor. An all-ceramic restoration was completed to re-create a natural profile in the aesthetic zone.



Patient 2 Before / After

A broken incisor presented with little remaining tooth structure and uneven gum lines. This was a case that combined gum surgery and an all-ceramic crown to create restorability and proper aesthetics.



Patient 3 Before / After

A missing upper left pre-molar was restored with an implant. The smile says everything!



Patient 4 Before / After

A new upper denture and a new lower metal-free partial denture were made for this patient.



Patient 5 Before / After

An atraumatic gingivectomy was performed to manage some severely overgrown gum tissues. The technique we used allowed for almost zero bleeding immediately afterwards, and the results at 6 months are amazing!



The custom shades, anatomy, and characterization of these all-ceramic restorations allowed us to restore this trauma victim’s smile, with exceptional results.



We were able to restore our patient’s smile with precision removable prostheses. This was his first time being able to smile in years.



Patient 1 Before / After

The critical aesthetic zone of most smiles involve the upper six anterior teeth. When performing reconstructive dentistry in this area, maintaining a natural appearance is sometimes more important than having the whitest teeth. A great balance was achieved in this case.



Patient 1 Before / After

This is the difference a metal-free partial denture can make!



Patient 1 Before / After

For patients who desire instant whitening results, it’s amazing to walk out several shades whiter the same day! Be sure to ask about our Zoom whitening process.



Patient 1 Before / After

It didn’t take too much thinking on what needed to be done for this particular patient. Believe it or not, her upper and lower denture positioning was significantly off due to an incorrect bite! The new dentures look as natural as ever.

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