First Visit

First Visit

We promise that your first visit to our office will be a pleasant experience. We will listen to your questions and concerns to provide you with the best possible dental care. Our mission is to keep your dental and oral health in excellent condition while providing maximum comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

During your first visit, we’ll primarily evaluate the current condition of your dental health while identifying your individual needs. The initial evaluation will include digital radiography, a comprehensive examination, a discussion of past dental and health history and an opportunity for you to go over any questions you may have with Dr. Shyn.

Dental and oral health is more than just regular brushing and visits to the dentist; it’s about maintaining good habits and proper hygiene over the course of your life!

Some things to prepare beforehand:

– Make a list of questions to ask during your appointment so you don’t forget. Be sure to include any concerns you have or current problems or pain you’ve been experiencing.

-If you have dental insurance, bring your insurance card with you.

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